Vijay TV Mahendran’s comment about Jaya TV puts 9th Annual Vijay TV Awards in crisis?

Vijay Awards 2015
The 9th Annual Vijay TV Awards is scheduled to take place on 25th April 2015. It is said that many top film celebrities and said to participate in the Award function. In the meantime, the Tamil Film Producer’s Council(TFPC) has put a check to Vijay TV. TFPC has ordered Vijay TV to buy the satellite rights of few Tamil movies which would enable supporting producers who had incurred loss. Vijay TV purchasing the satellite rights of such Tamil movies would not incur any loss since it would easily find out advertisement sponsors for those movies.

It is said that Mahendran, who is said to be one of the responsible person to purchase the satellite rights of Tamil Movies was invited by TFPC for a meeting to discuss about the satellite rights of their movies. Sources say that Mahendran had skipped attending the meeting and had deputed his sub-ordinates to attend the meeting. Dissatisfied office bearers of TFPC who had noticed that Mahendran who had escaped without attending the meeting, sent back his sub-ordinates who had come to attend the meeting by ordering Mahendran to attend the meeting.

In the meantime, TFPC office bearers who have got wild with the other activities of Mahendran of Vijay TV is said to have put a check for the forthcoming 9th Annual Vijay TV. Sources say that TFPC has ordered Prabhu Deva and Choreographer Brindha not to involve themselves in 9th Annual Vijay TV Awards until a clearance is being given by TFPC. Sources say that caravan which caters artistes during shooting has been pulled out from the sets of 9th Annual Vijay TV Awards.

Confirmed sources say that Vijay TV Mahendran who had later spoken with the officer bearers of TFPC had commented why TFPC was not questioning Jaya TV or ordering Jaya TV to buy the satellite rights of the Tamil movies. TFPC officer bearers who were shocked by the comment made by Mahendran had strongly objected with their reply stating that Jaya TV had bought satellite rights of many Tamil Films. Sources say that they have snubbed Mahendran by re-questioning him that Vijay TV or its representatives do not have any right to compare or question about an another satellite channel to TFPC.

Sources also say that disappointed TFPC members have ordered the artistes and technicians of ongoing serials in Vijay TV to pull out from those serials and abide by the decision of TFPC not to render support to Vijay TV. It is said that artistes and technicians have accepted the request of TFPC and have planned to boycott participating in Vijay TV’s serials.

Jaya TV shares are being owned by close associates of the ruling AIADMK party in Tamil Nadu. Sources say that Jaya TV after coming to know about the comments of ‘Vijay TV’ Mahendran about Jaya TV are upset and is expected to soon teach a lesson for Mahendran. Mahendran who in partnership with one Mr. Shanmugham an auditor are running a Film Production company in the name of “The Next Big Film”. Sources say that Mahendran who has a face value of Vijay TV intends in buying the release rights including the satellite rights of few Tamil movies for a very meagre price and sell the satellite rights of the same movie for a huge price to Vijay TV. Producers who have understood the game of Mahendran have already bought to the notice of the TFPC and TFPC has assured to rectify the issue.

Sources also confirm that this time TFPC would not easily spare Mahendran or Vijay TV. Parallel to it, sources confirm that Jaya TV would soon be teaching a lesson to Mahendran for unnecessarily making comments about Jaya TV. Wall posters that have been printed a week ago, for promoting the 9th Annual Vijay TV Awards is yet to be pasted awaiting an amicable solution with TFPC and their orders.

Will celebrities and technicians render cooperation and support for 9th Annual Vijay TV Awards??

Will the issue of Vijay TV with TFPC end soon?

Let us wait and watch what action TFPC and Jaya TV are to take on Mahendran and Vijay TV!

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