Vaiko announces 3 stage propaganda on total prohibition:

In a press release today, Vaiko, General Secretary of MDMK has said that Kamarajar and Annadurai were totally against influencing liquor shops in Tamil Nadu and were stubborn on total prohibition. He also said that after the death of Annadurai, it was Karunanidhi who became the Chief Minister removed total prohibition in Tamil Nadu and opened Arrack and liquor shops. In his statement he also mentioned that Rajaji had visited Karunanidhi residence when Karunanidhi was Chief Minister and insisted him to introduce total prohibition and Karunanidhi did not respect Rajaji’s request.

His statement also marks that it was either the DMK or AIADMK in power and they continued running liquor shops to issue freebies and swindle money in crores. His statement emphasized that lack of prohibition spoils the students of today’s generation, especially school children and the culture. Lack of prohibition is one reason for Rape, Sexual Torture, Robbery and Murder.

In his statement he has also mentioned that liquor shops are seen in each and every street and today ladies of young generation have also started to consume liquor.

To mark influencing total prohibition in Tamil Nadu, Vaiko has announced three stages of propaganda. First phase would be on October 02, 2012 where MDMK cadres would hold one day hunger strike in District Headquarters and Vaiko would participate in Chennai. Second phase would be on October 06, 2012 where MDMK cadres would make protest demonstration in all District Headquarters and Vaiko would participate in Chennai. Third phase would be on October 12, 2012 where Vaiko along with his cadres would start a protest walk from Vovari in Tirunelveli district to reach Madurai to complete his protest walk on October. His protest walk would cover around 400 villages where he would explain the public about the badness of consuming liquor and request support for total prohibition.