Opposition Leader Vijaykanth Abuses media person – Sources say party might split with Panruti.S.Ramachandran:

On October 26, 2012 two MLA’s namely S.Sunderarajan and K.Tamil Azhagan of DMDK party had met the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Ms.Jayalalitha and submitted petitions requesting welfare assistance for their respective constituencies. In the mean time Vijaykanth today arrived at the Chennai Airport to fly to Madurai for attending Bakrid Celebration. Media person who had gathered at the Chennai Airport questioned about the two MLA’s of DMDK party meeting Jayalalitha. Vijaykanth became wild and abused a Senior Journalist as “Dog” and whether his media was paying Vijaykanth salary to answer the journalist’s question. Vijaykanth face expression also acted wild threatening the journalist. An MLA who accompanied Vijaykanth had forcefully pushed away the senior journalist and the journalist had fallen down.

Few hours after the rude incident, two more MLA’s namely Arun Pandiyan and Michael Rayappan met the Chief Minister Jayalalitha and have submitted petitions requesting welfare assistance for their respective constituencies. Sources say that Vijaykanth’s rude reaction was mainly because he had come to know on his way to Airport that Arun Pandiyan and Michael Rayappan had requested appointment to meet Jayalalitha and were waiting outside her cabin.

Sources also say that Arun Pandiyan and Michael Rayappan were very much disturbed by Vijaykanth on restricting them on their activities in producing films. Sources also add that Arun Pandiyan and Michael Rayappan had been discussing with their close associates about the hindrance of Vijaykanth and their plan to quit the party. As a trial they had sent Sunderarajan and Tamil Azhagan firstly to know the reaction of Vijaykanth and make their way clear to meet Jayalalitha.

DMDK party sources say that Panruti.S.Ramachandran a senior politician and a MLA from DMDK is upset with the activities of Vijaykanth for more than a year and has reduced his political activities within his party. It is said that there are many MLA’s in the party who are dissatisfied with the activities of Vijaykanth and the unnecessary intervention of his nephew and party’s youth wing leader L.K.Sudish in the activities of the MLA’s. Sources add that the MLA’s dissatisfied in the party had been meeting Ramachandran individually and in groups for the past few weeks and have complained about the activities of Vijaykanth and Sudish and their inability to serve the people of their respective constituencies.

Looking on the news gathered from close sources of DMDK party, it creates a suspicion that few more MLA’s along with party members are expected to part away from DMDK and would be either forming a rivalry party of DMDK or form new party with the leadership of Panruti.S.Ramachandran. Sources also confirm that the rivalry party would join hands with AIADMK in the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections.

In regard to the rude behavior of Vijaykanth, the senior journalist has registered a complaint with the Police. Journalists are very much upset with the rude behavior of Vijaykanth and have demanded an apology from him.