Exclusive Interview with Ex-Mayor Ma.Subramani on Chennai Corporation:

An Exclusive video interview was made by “Ottran Cheithi” with Mr.Ma.Subramani, Ex-Mayor of Chennai Corporation concerning about the activities of Chennai Corporation during his regime and present administration of Chennai Corporation.

This video interview would contain questions related his service as Chennai Corporation Mayor and the current situation of Chennai Corporation, questions regarding uncleaned garbage and the reason behind it. Questions also contain about the education in Corporation Schools, Scam in calculating the property tax and the play of corruption in it, Improper drainage systems and storm water drains, Lakhs of rupees spent on renovation of parks and the same being destroyed for building Metro Rail projects, Posters and wall writings on government establishment and silence by Chennai Corporation.

The other questions relates to laying of worst roads and corruption, preventive measure for “Dengue”.

Final question whether he would contest for the post of Mayor in the next Chennai Corporation election.